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After an initial consultation session, without the child present, details are taken and an overview of the child’s developmental history and difficulties are discussed. And emotional support can be put in place for parents also if this is deemed necessary.
Then an introductory meeting with the child is set up, and sessions can begin.
Each session is 45 minute’s.

This is different for each child. Play therapy is not a quick fix and each child may respond differently. And require more or less time to resolve and process what is going on in their world. As a general guide, an initial 12 sessions are set up and a review takes place after 10 and further sessions maybe suggested. Some children may attend for longer periods while others finish up after their 12 sessions. Some children return several times over the years to process different issues as they have found play therapy has worked so well for them.

When telling your child about Play Therapy, suggest that it is a special place to go and play when it is difficult to talk about your feelings, it can help “when things are hard for you at home, at school or with your friends and you find it difficult to talk” You can explain to your child that they will be spending some time every week in a special playroom where there will be lots of toys and different mediums for them to play with and where they can have fun and express themselves.

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