At Bear in Mind, I provide a safe space in the Play Therapy Playroom for children to use play to help them to cope, process and find a way to understand the world around them. Through play they can work through many of the difficulties that they are experiencing and process these. Helping them to self regulate and find a coping strategy that works for them.

As a highly experienced and accredited play therapist I have helped many children with a wide range of issues and over time I have developed several of my own programs and techniques which I have had great success with.

Children who have experienced any of the following issues could benefit from therapeutic support.

  • Abuse (sexual, verbal, physical, psychological)
  • Aggressive Behaviour (biting, hitting, kicking others)
  • Social (difficulty making and maintaining friendships)
  • Bereavement (death of a family member, friend or pet)
  • Bullying (being bullied or being the bully)
  • Fear / Phobia's (around things, places, medical)
  • Care (children in Care)
  • Introverted Behaviour (disconnecting from others)
  • Jealousy (sibling, friendship)
  • School (settling, attending, participating)
  • Bed Wetting / Toileting
  • Nightmares / Night Terrors
  • Sadness (low mood & disengagement)
  • Divorce / Separation
  • Attachment Difficulties (difficulties between children and parents)
  • Trauma (past or present)
  • Attention / Focus
  • Violence Outbursts (home or in school)
  • Exclusion (social)
Child abuse concept. Teddy bear covering eyes in an empty room